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Breast Cancer

Supporting a comprehensive cancer care approach for patients and hospitals with Symani®

Breast cancer patients deserve access to the highest quality care

Breast cancer patients face significant challenges following their treatment. Whether it’s decisions related to reconstructive procedures after a mastectomy or dealing with the possibility of developing lymphedema as a result of their care, Symani supports a comprehensive cancer care approach for patients.

The Symani Surgical System is part of a BBC StoryWorks production that showcases pivotal medical technologies that are making a real difference for patients. Watch to learn more about the impact of robotic-assisted breast reconstruction.



people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year worldwide1,2


of patients who undergo mastectomy choose an autologous reconstruction utilizing their own tissue, a method with significant benefits3


of breast cancer patients develop lymphedema following their treatment4

Advantages of Symani in Breast Cancer Treatment

Access to reconstructive surgery with the latest robotic technology

With Symani, breast cancer patients can access reconstructive options using their own tissue and robotic technology. Autologous breast reconstruction has benefits over implant-based reconstruction including lower failure rates, up to 23% lower readmission rates, and higher patient satisfaction3,4.

Combining breast reconstruction with lymphatic repair

Hospitals offering or looking to offer surgical treatment options for lymphedema may also be able to prevent or treat the symptoms of lymphedema for breast cancer patients following their care.

Precision at the micro level

Proprietary NanoWrist® instruments feature the world’s smallest surgical robotic wrist and enable surgeons to replicate the natural movements of the human hand at the micro level with seven degrees of freedom. Tremor filtration and 7-20x motion scaling bring high precision to needle and suture placement for sutures between 8-0 to 12-0. Robotic precision has the potential to increase vessel patency, reduce vessel trauma, and avoid costly re-interventions.

Patient Stories

Today, breast cancer patients can reap the benefits of the Symani Surgical System.
See one patient’s story below.

Janine’s Story

Robotic-assisted breast reconstruction

Following breast cancer surgery in 2012, Janine had an implant-based reconstruction that began to deform and cause pain over time. After her implant failed, Janine opted to pursue a DIEP breast reconstruction using her own tissue. Dr. Maximilian Kückelhaus decided that a robotic-assisted breast reconstruction using Symani would be right for her. Watch the video to learn more about her experience and the benefits Symani can bring to breast cancer patients.

Explore our other Clinical Applications

Lymphedema Overview

Lymphedema, the build-up of lymphatic fluid resulting in swelling and discomfort, affects over 250 million people worldwide*. Surgical treatment options may improve the symptoms and overall quality of life for these patients, but access to these treatments is limited. This is mainly due to procedural complexity associated with the size of lymphatic vessels. With 7-20x motion scaling and tremor filtration, the Symani Surgical System is designed to enable supermicrosurgical procedures such as lymphovenous anastomosis or bypass (LVA/LVB).

Head & Neck Cancer Overview

The incidence of head and neck cancers is on the rise and increasing the need for reconstructive procedures that utilize microsurgical techniques. Reconstruction of the head and neck following tumor resection or trauma can help restore function and improve quality of life for patients. With Symani, surgeons can perform these challenging and complex procedures with a high degree of precision and control in an optimized work environment.

Trauma Overview

Trauma refers to any altering injury sustained through accident or impact like burns, laceration, crush, nerve damage and fractures. Where tissue is lost due to trauma or infection, it may be necessary to perform a reconstructive procedure using transferred tissue or to perform a replantation of an amputated body part with the goal of restoring circulation and sensation, and where possible, function. Symani allows surgeons to confidently perform these procedures with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

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