Dream With Us: Where to Meet Us in 2016

Building a robot should be a collaborative process. We are reaching out to surgeons who are interested in being part of this process and getting to know our product concept. You will find someone from our team attending the events below. To get in touch, email hannah.teichmann@mmimicro.com.

Norwich, May 5-6th, 2016

Advances and Controversies in Reconstructive Microsurgery is entering its second edition after the great success in 2014 of the open discussion and debate model bringing together international experts in breast, head & neck, hand, lower limb, training and transplantation surgery. Isao Koshima will be giving the Keynote Speech on “Asethetic Supermicrosurgery and Capillary Perforator Flaps”. We are looking forward to attending for the first time.

Istanbul, November 4-5th, 2016
The RAMSES Conference (Robotic-Assisted Microsurigcal and Endoscopic Society) is entering its sixth edition and will be held in Istanbul. Symposium highlights this year include presentations by leaders in robotic assisted and conventional microsurgical techniques, biosynthetic cadaver and tissue microsurgery training and keynote speakers from industry leaders in robotic assisted microsurgery platforms and tools. 


Seoul, June 14-17th, 2017

The theme of next year's WSRM conference is "Bridging the Gap and Beyond". In inviting us to the Congress, WSRM President David CC Chuang, the Congress Chairman Myong Chul Park and Scientific Chairman JP Hong speak of the gaps to bridge: The generation gap between experienced and young surgeons, the gap between developed and emerging countries and the technology gap. MMI is bridging the technology gap.


...or visit us in Tuscany

If your travel takes you to Italy, come visit Tuscany and MMI. Our team works in an open floorplan lab-office space 10 minutes from Pisa and 1 hour from Florence. You can quench your thirst for robots and dream in the Tuscan countryside. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are in the neighbourhood: hannah.teichmann@mmimicro.com