Discover the Beauty of Robotic Microsurgery

MMI's Robotic Platform for Microsurgery  

MMI has developed the first teleoperated robotic platform for suturing in open surgery with wristed microinstruments. It offers the surgeon motion scaling and tremor elimination and aims to facilitate traditional procedures while opening the possibilities for new applications. From post-oncological and trauma reconstructions to ophthalmology and pediatric surgery; MMI is committed to transforming the approach to microsurgery with its robotic platform.

MMI’s instruments are equipped with the smallest articulated wrist having a 3-millimeter outer diameter and tips just 150 micron in width. The wrist is the key to performing robotic microsurgery in real clinical environments with the intention to make it easier to suture small anatomy (0.2-3 mm in diameter).

System Overview

The MMI robotic platform was developed specifically for microsurgery and is the only one that offers wristed microinstruments designed to improve a surgeon’s ability to access and suture small anatomy. The platform provides motion scaling and tremor reduction for high precision movements; while the wristed microinstruments add the dexterity to confidently dissect and suture hard to reach anatomy.

In addition, the robot has the potential to expand human capabilities beyond what’s achievable today, enabling more surgeons to successfully perform microsurgery and surgeon innovators to expand the field of supermicosurgery. Our robotic platform is mobile, easy to set-up, compatible with existing surgical microscopes and has a small footprint. The full system includes:


 Platform Components:

  • A portable cart with robotic arms that can easily be positioned over the targeted surgical area. The arms may also be moved aside at any time during the procedure if the surgeon decides to operate manually.

  • An ergonomic surgical seat and foot pedals that enable the surgeon to sit comfortably at the patient’s bedside when using an optical microscope or elsewhere in the OR with a digital 3D visualization system.

Associated Sterile Disposable Products:

  • A set of microinstruments including a needle holder and dilator with a 15 cm shaft to faciliate access, 3 mm diameter wrists and micro-tips for working with sutures as small as 11-0.

  • A set of sterile drapes for the cart and console.

  • Additional accessories.

Surgical Indications

Our system is intended for open surgery procedures where motion scaling is deemed appropriate by the surgeon. The system enables microsurgery techniques such as anastomosis, nerve coaptation, dissection, suturing and ligation on small anatomical structures such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic ducts.

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Microsurgical techniques are employed by several specialties including general surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecological surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, podiatric surgery and pediatric surgery. Acquiring the MMI system will have a meaningful impact at your facility across-the-board.

Examples of Procedures:

• Microvascular suturing for free flap reconstructions and replantations

• Peripheral nerve repair

• Lymphatic surgery such as lymphovenous anastomosis

• Reconstructions of congenital malformations

Our Commitment

At MMI, we understand that launching a robotics program, particularly with a novel technology, is a big decision that requires confidence and trust. The MMI team will be there for you every step of the way from initial interest in the system through full scale adoption of the robotics program to ensure your investment is maximized. We’ll even assist you on how to educate your patients and the community.

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Our extensive training and onboarding program will prepare your entire team to go live. Your dedicated MMI clinical engineer will be there to teach your staff how to prepare the OR for your robotic procedures and will guide each new user through their first surgeries. Refresher training and best practice sessions are also available to ensure that the system is used safely and efficiently.

We stand behind our robotic system and are highly committed to quality and a controlled manufacturing environment. Our wristed instruments are meticulously crafted and tested to ensure performance. The platform is assembled with care and designed for 24-7 use. With the availability of replacement parts in our warehouse, we can guarantee a fast response from our service team to keep your system operational.

MMI service engineers are committed to providing exceptional service and maintenance to protect your investment and maximize up-time. Whether it is an initial installation, scheduled maintenance or an urgent repair, our engineers are thoroughly trained to address your needs efficiently. As our technology advances, you will receive free updates and information on upgrade options when they become available.


Intended Benefits for All Stakeholders

There are foreseeable benefits from a robotic approach to microsurgery and creating a robotics program at your hospital. The MMI solution was specifically developed to address the unique requirements of microsurgery and add value for hospitals, surgeons, patients and society at large.

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Objective for Patients:

  • Restore functionality, quality of life, ability to work and self-esteem

  • Reduce complications, minimize re-operations and decrease recovery time

  • Increase access to microsurgical procedures and eliminate unnecessary amputations

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Goals for Surgeons and Staff:

  • Enhance confidence to perform microsuturing through higher precision

  • Increase comfort and stamina enabling additional surgeries in a day or more anastomoses per procedure

  • Decrease the learning curve and conduct microsurgery longer by practically eliminating tremor

  • Publish and present cutting-edge research on new techniques and interventions

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Potential Advantages for Hospitals:

  • Expand procedures and volumes by enabling more surgeons to perform microsurgery

  • Strengthen your reputation with improved clinical outcomes through a cutting-edge technology

  • Attract expert surgeons and informed patients with an established robotics program

  • Tap into new microsurgical therapies and enhance your research capabilities